I (don’t) feel like dancing!

Miss mookey is off out dancing tonight. Well, I say dancing, that’s probably a bit optimistic as at the moment it’s more like shuffling round the dancefloor!
I saw an advert in the local newspaper for a jitterbug class, and thought let’s go for it. What’s the worse that could happen… Actually, scrub that as some bad things could probably happen!
So we (myself and Mr Bear) went last Monday to our first lesson.
We were the youngest there, but only by about 10 years, when I was expecting at least 20!
We enjoyed it, so we’re back off tonight.
The dance instructor lady is also a dressmaker, and is bringing some of her creations along tonight, so I’ll have my hands on some vintage inspired things! Ooh I’m excited!

Anyway, toodles for now
Miss Mookey x

P.S – Sorry for rubbish formatting, I’m blogging from my mobile x


little old me…

Well, I guess I should tell you all about me (I say “you all” but I’m just talking to myself at the minute as I have no followers yet)

So, I’m 29. Eek! Although, I only turned 29 last week, so have a whole 51 weeks to enjoy still being in my twenties.
I live in a medium sized town in north northamptonshire, with my other half (i.e boyfriend) Mr Bear. We’ve been together for nearly 6 years, and have lived together for nearly 3 years.
We live in a house with an 8 year old brown tabby called Pud, who most definitely rules the roost!
I’m in to all sorts of different things, makeup, photography, writing. I’m a typical aquarian!
I also love the 40s and 50s eras, the fashion, the hairstyles, and the general all round glamour. Men and women made an effort back then, and I’m the first to admit that i’m far from that, but would like to be.

I’ve been into makeup for about two years now, which is shocking. I was never a very girly girl at all. My mum never wore makeup, so it wasn’t something I grew up with. I got into makeup when I broke my leg and was stuck in bed for 12 weeks with only youtube to keep me company. I got into watching makeup tutorials, and I was hooked.
I remember thinking I’d never buy anything from Mac as I couldn’t justify spending that much on makeup. How wrong I was!
My first Mac purchases were from the Hello Kitty collection, and I tend to buy something every month or so. My nearest macs are an hour away, so getting there is a pain, but I couldn’t wait for a postal order!
Anyway, I’ve rambled on enough for tonight.
Speak soon
Miss Mookey x

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog!

This blog will be used for my random (sometimes innane and useless) witterings.


Join me in Miss Mookey-land!


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