My Haircare Routine

So, I’ll admit it. I’m an Aussie Girl.

I used to use Aussie years ago, and then changed brands and tried lots of different ones. I was dying my hair red at the time, so used one that was meant to keep the colour vibrant.

So, I’ve no longer got red hair (at the minute – although I’d love to be a redhead again) and have been using Aussie for a while again. WHY did I ever leave you Aussie?!


The perfect routine for me is this.

Shampoo – Miracle Moist
I used to wash, rinse,wash. Now, I’ve found that I only have to wash my hair once and it’s really clean (and smells lovely!)

Conditioner – Take the Heat 3 minute miracle
I used to use the 3 minute miracle Reconstructor Conditioner, but accidentally picked up the Take the Heat one, and will stick with this one now. It’s lighter in colour than the Reconstructor one (which is why I knew I had a different one than normal) but still smells the same.

After washing treatment – Take The Heat Leave-in Cream
I adore this too! I was recommended it by a friend, and would never not use it now. I use 3 squirts of it on wet (but not soaking) hair before blow drying.













Since using this regime my hair has been the best it has been for years. It’s so soft, and smells amazing.


MissMookey x



Wonderwoman Collection

Good Afternoon Bloggies!

Sorry about the delay since my last post, but I’ve been away.
We hired a log cabin in the woods, near Matlock in the Peak District and spent most of the time in the hot tub on the verandah!








So, while we were away I got my email from MAC about the Wonderwoman Collection. We were going to Nottingham on the Thursday, so of course I headed to MAC which is just up from the Market Square in the city centre.

The Wonderwoman collection was right by the door, and there were a few people looking at it.
Now, I hadn’t really wanted much from the collection – if at all, but when I saw it I changed my mind.
The mascara’s weren’t appealing to me at all. (I’ve got a bit of a mascara issue at the minute – I haven’t found “the one” despite all my searching – more to come about this I’m sure)
Lipgloss doesn’t do it for me either, and the doe-foot applicators were massively oversized (matching reviews I’d seen from American YTers.)

I don’t know what I’d planned to get – although I do like to get “something” from each new collection, but I got
Lipstick in Russian Red
Powder Blush in Mighty Aphrodite
Eyeshadow Quad in Valiant















The Packaging
It’s gorgeous! Very well thought out, lovely illustrations and great colours. I LOVE the blue and white on the inside. I actually quite like the red and blue plastic of the actual products.








Lipstick – Russian Red
Now, I’m a red lipstick girl, but I hadn’t got Russian Red in my collection, so when I saw it in this collection, I knew it was one I had to get. None of the other lipstick shades were grabbing me, so I thought I’d get Russian Red. Yes I know it’s in the “standard” collection, but I wanted it anyway, and in Wonderwoman packaging – even better.
I do like it. Matt red looks good with my (pale) skintone, and I love the pin-up girl look.














(Ignore the dodgy application – I didn’t line my lips)

Powder Blush – Mighty Aphrodite
I don’t usually wear much blusher, but liked the shades in this compact. The pink looks nice, and the peach is quite sheer on me. Both have a coral tone on them which I like.















Eyeshadow Quad – Valiant








Now, this is my favourite buy from the collection. I really love the mirror inside, and use it for applying mascara etc.
I used the quad that evening (we went out to a concert and I’d left my UD Book of Shadows at home which I was going to use)
My favourite look at the minute is to use Valiant all over the lid, Spinning transformation blended into the crease, Diana Undercover blended to the outside quarter of the eye, and Manila Paper as a brow highlight and in to the inner corner.









Manila Paper (Veluxe Pearl) which is a pale gold colour, and very pretty!



Valiant (Frost) which is a very pale lime-y colour. Slightly glittery



Diana Undercover (Satin) which is a dark green



Spinning Transformation (Frost) which is an olive browny-green with goldy flecks.



Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed this (I think it’s my longest post yet!) Sorry for all the images!
What do you think of the Wonderwoman collection?
Miss Mookey x

I’m loving this!


Now, I seem to add a lot of blogs to my favourites, and never end up reading them (well, only if I remember their names and go there regularly)
So, I saw the Bloglovin icon on one of my friend’s blogs and asked her about it.
If you don’t already know (you probably do, I’m always the last to find out cool things) you log in, and save all your favourite blogs to it. Then it’ll remember them, and when you log in next it shows all the blogs that have updated, and their recent posts.
Simples, as a meerkat would probably say

Miss Mookey x

Everyone likes cupcakes….right?

Another beauty review from little old me.
As I said on Sunday’s post, I used this tonight in the bath. I use it weekly when I’m having a bit of a pamper on a Sunday night.

Lush Cupcake Face Mask
75g – I can’t remember the price, and their website is down – sorry.

The Blurb
Chocolate heaven for oily and teenage skin.
It’s action removes excess oil and calms breakouts. Rhassoul Mud cleans and soothes. Cocoa Butter, Linseed and Cocoa Powder soften the skin. Balancing Peppermint, Spearmint and Sandalwood Oils complete this effective and delicious experience.

Miss Mookey’s take on it
Looks – It looks like a cross between Chocolate Ganache and mud (A bit like Gu’s Little Chocolate Pots)
Smell – Chocolatey with a mint undertone
Texture – Slightly grainy, and can be runny after it’s just come out of the fridge.

I’ll be using this product until I’ve finished the pot, and will then be buying another one. They do have a short shelf life – I think the lady in Lush said about a month, and you have to keep them in the fridge to keep them at their best.
If you return 5 clean pots back to Lush for recycling you get a free face mask. Free Stuff = good 🙂

I haven’t used many Lush products before – do you have any recommendations for good ones?

Miss Mookey x

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!
I hope you’re all having lovely days whether you’re with the love of your life, or on your own, rocking the single life!

Me, well I’m at work, currently on my lunch as I finish at 7.30 tonight. I’ve microwaved a jacket potato. Romantic huh? Mr Bear is having something similar at home.
But, we’re making up for not having a romantic candle-lit dinner tonight, as we’re off dancing when I finish work!
We’re both really enjoying our jitterbug lessons, even Mr Bear which I’m happily surprised at! We might even go to the Twinwood festival this year, which I’ve wanted to go to for a few years now.

Anyway, will update on tonight’s progress soon, as I’m off to phone my very own Cupid.

Miss Mookey x

Now for something a little different…

A little bit of beauty doesn’t hurt anyone (me most definitely!) so I’m going to be blogging about beauty sometimes.

I was in Asda today and came across these products on offer (most probably for Valentines Day) at £1 each. Bargainous I thought, so snapped up three. One of each flavour.

N-Spa Candy Chocolate Striptease Limited Edition Shower & Bath Gel
500ml/16.9fl oz

The Blurb
Take the simple pleasure of chocolate, add the wisdom of Nirvana, make time in your day and turn your bathroom into a sumptuous spa.

Miss Mookey’s take on it

Looks – Well it looks like Hot Chocolate – milky and smooth.
Smell – It smells just like Chocolate Orange – you know, the tap and unwrap one 😉
Bubbles – Not bad. Not as many as I’d like and I did use half the bottle.
It turns the water a murky colour which is normal considering it’s brown bubble bath. It wasn’t a problem for me as I was going to be using a brown facemask Cupcake by Lush (review to follow)

I probably wouldn’t use it in the shower, although I’m sure if you did you’d smell very chocolatey.
The scent actually reminds me of a shampoo I used to use years ago – Nicky Clarke Sweet Like Chocolate.

Overall, I’d probably not buy it again, unless it was on special offer, but I’m looking forward to trying the coconut and strawberry versions I bought today as well.

Miss Mookey x

Today I have mostly…..

After taking Mr Bear to work (he’s a postie) at about 5 this morning, I came back home and went back to bed.

I checked my FB and Twitter, (drunken friends posts are the best!) and went back to sleep and managed to sleep until 10am when PostieBear phoned me to pick him up.

We came home via the supermarché for some supplies, and then headed out to the gym.


Now, the gym has been packed lately in the evenings. I blame all these Jan/Feb health kicks. Today it was only a quarter full which was lovely. I managed to do my cardio, Mr Bear his weights, and we walked into town.

I picked up a copy of The Sun for the free BarryM makeup voucher, so we went to Superdrug to collect it. I fancied some more bits so went to Boots as well. I’m going to do some reviews on the products I got, so stay tuned.

The gym (and probably the coffee hit from Costa) left me all bouncy and mischievous, poor Mr Bear is all I can say.

I’m off now to watch some YouTube, and have a boogie from my sofa



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