My Haircare Routine

So, I’ll admit it. I’m an Aussie Girl.

I used to use Aussie years ago, and then changed brands and tried lots of different ones. I was dying my hair red at the time, so used one that was meant to keep the colour vibrant.

So, I’ve no longer got red hair (at the minute – although I’d love to be a redhead again) and have been using Aussie for a while again. WHY did I ever leave you Aussie?!


The perfect routine for me is this.

Shampoo – Miracle Moist
I used to wash, rinse,wash. Now, I’ve found that I only have to wash my hair once and it’s really clean (and smells lovely!)

Conditioner – Take the Heat 3 minute miracle
I used to use the 3 minute miracle Reconstructor Conditioner, but accidentally picked up the Take the Heat one, and will stick with this one now. It’s lighter in colour than the Reconstructor one (which is why I knew I had a different one than normal) but still smells the same.

After washing treatment – Take The Heat Leave-in Cream
I adore this too! I was recommended it by a friend, and would never not use it now. I use 3 squirts of it on wet (but not soaking) hair before blow drying.













Since using this regime my hair has been the best it has been for years. It’s so soft, and smells amazing.


MissMookey x



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