Now for something a little different…

A little bit of beauty doesn’t hurt anyone (me most definitely!) so I’m going to be blogging about beauty sometimes.

I was in Asda today and came across these products on offer (most probably for Valentines Day) at £1 each. Bargainous I thought, so snapped up three. One of each flavour.

N-Spa Candy Chocolate Striptease Limited Edition Shower & Bath Gel
500ml/16.9fl oz

The Blurb
Take the simple pleasure of chocolate, add the wisdom of Nirvana, make time in your day and turn your bathroom into a sumptuous spa.

Miss Mookey’s take on it

Looks – Well it looks like Hot Chocolate – milky and smooth.
Smell – It smells just like Chocolate Orange – you know, the tap and unwrap one 😉
Bubbles – Not bad. Not as many as I’d like and I did use half the bottle.
It turns the water a murky colour which is normal considering it’s brown bubble bath. It wasn’t a problem for me as I was going to be using a brown facemask Cupcake by Lush (review to follow)

I probably wouldn’t use it in the shower, although I’m sure if you did you’d smell very chocolatey.
The scent actually reminds me of a shampoo I used to use years ago – Nicky Clarke Sweet Like Chocolate.

Overall, I’d probably not buy it again, unless it was on special offer, but I’m looking forward to trying the coconut and strawberry versions I bought today as well.

Miss Mookey x


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