Today I have mostly…..

After taking Mr Bear to work (he’s a postie) at about 5 this morning, I came back home and went back to bed.

I checked my FB and Twitter, (drunken friends posts are the best!) and went back to sleep and managed to sleep until 10am when PostieBear phoned me to pick him up.

We came home via the supermarché for some supplies, and then headed out to the gym.


Now, the gym has been packed lately in the evenings. I blame all these Jan/Feb health kicks. Today it was only a quarter full which was lovely. I managed to do my cardio, Mr Bear his weights, and we walked into town.

I picked up a copy of The Sun for the free BarryM makeup voucher, so we went to Superdrug to collect it. I fancied some more bits so went to Boots as well. I’m going to do some reviews on the products I got, so stay tuned.

The gym (and probably the coffee hit from Costa) left me all bouncy and mischievous, poor Mr Bear is all I can say.

I’m off now to watch some YouTube, and have a boogie from my sofa




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