I (don’t) feel like dancing!

Miss mookey is off out dancing tonight. Well, I say dancing, that’s probably a bit optimistic as at the moment it’s more like shuffling round the dancefloor!
I saw an advert in the local newspaper for a jitterbug class, and thought let’s go for it. What’s the worse that could happen… Actually, scrub that as some bad things could probably happen!
So we (myself and Mr Bear) went last Monday to our first lesson.
We were the youngest there, but only by about 10 years, when I was expecting at least 20!
We enjoyed it, so we’re back off tonight.
The dance instructor lady is also a dressmaker, and is bringing some of her creations along tonight, so I’ll have my hands on some vintage inspired things! Ooh I’m excited!

Anyway, toodles for now
Miss Mookey x

P.S – Sorry for rubbish formatting, I’m blogging from my mobile x


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